Native Tissue Repairs

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Native Tissue Continence

Now running for the fifth year, we are pleased to add more dates for the NATPRO course, the "Native Continence Procedure" Masterclass.

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About the course
We work on fresh frozen specimens as we consider it to be the superior preservation method for surgical training. We only use HTA approved labs with the best possible equipment. Our organisational skills are internationally recognised, and Faculty is recognised not only for their technical skills but also for their willingness to interact and engage in healthy debate on the benefits of different approaches.

You can expect an impressive cadaver to delegate ratio with knowledgeable and engaged Faculty in small groups.

This means that you will have plenty of time with course leaders, and learn by doing, not just by watching.

What should I expect?
This intensive hands-on course focused on the skills and techniques needed to perform fascia repairs for female incontinence will get you prepared to perform the following procedures:
• Open Colposuspension
• Standard Technique (Burch)
• Variations (Tanagho & Obturator Shelf)
• Autologuous sling (Aldridge’s technique)
• Autologuous sling (Sling on a string)

This will include harvesting of the rectus fascial graft, dissection of the wall of the vagina, the creation of lateral vaginal flaps, placement of the graft and different closing techniques. Advantages and disadvantages of different approaches will be discussed and demonstrated.

The two most commonly utilized autologous slings are the rectus abdominis fascia or fascia lata graft slings. The rectus abdominis fascia sling is preferred by most surgeons due to a greater familiarity with the abdominal wall anatomy and the relative ease of harvesting. Both of these autologous slings have otherwise been shown to be equally effective.

The relevant anatomy will be discussed and demonstrated, and since this is a course for surgeons with experience, it is useful to prepare by revising the anatomy before the course as we won't be spending time on learning it during the course. You will be spending a full day in the lab, with only the necessary time to brief you on the theory to be ready to go in the lab before we get started.

Your pre-read documents will become available to download after you have paid for your course.

Your Faculty have long experience with the procedures, and will be able to talk to the pros and cons for each chosen technique.

Variety of specimens
You may have patients (specimens) with different anatomy: some may even have had previous incontinence surgery. The different procedures and the varied specimens will mirror your operating theatre experience well, and discussions around chosen approach tends to be very lively. We encourage healthy debate, and invite you to bring your experience and skill to the table.

What will I achieve?
• working on your own (or shared) specimen
• in-depth surgical knowledge of procedure(s)
• new considerations for performing incontinence repairs in different anatomy
• 7 CPD points
• valuable discussions with other attendees from all over the world
• hands on training from experienced surgeons
• anatomical landmarks identified
• opportunity to start/stop during the procedures, and even start over to improve technical skills
• discuss tricky cases
• adverse event management

What is included?
All materials, CPD, workbook/manual, badge, instruments, insurance, coffee/tea and meal(s), protective clothing, medical devices and/or implants, specimens (including transport and documentation), aftercare, faculty, technicians, admin support, pre-read materials, assessment papers and follow-up contact.

Who has trained here before?
Click here for a list of who has trained with us, and click here to see what previous attendees say about us.
Over the years we have been trusted to arrange courses for many professional organisations and associations: ICS, ISLASS, BACN and many more. We look forward to welcoming you too.

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