Gynae Courses Spring/Summer


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LMEDAC are proud to announce new courses in addition to their existing Laparoscopic Urogynaecology (17th May) and Native Tissue Continence (18th May) courses.

New portfolio additions include The Gynae Day, which will cover:

-Thermal Balloon Endometrial Ablation
– Vaginal Hysterectomy
– Post ablation dissection of a Uterus
– Bulking agent application for ISD
– Dissection of a Urethra post bulking agent
– Medico-Legal

If medico-legal is an area you would like to know more about, LMEDAC is also hosting an evening dinner which includes a talk by Lauren Sutherland QC, “Life After Montgomery – How do we Counsel our Patients” on the evening of 17th May, covering the following areas:

– Why was there a need for a change in the law related to “information disclosure” to patients?
– How/why the decision of the Supreme courts changed the law in the UK and the effect of that change for practitioners with the removal of the Professional practice test.
– What was the relevance of the GMC guidance on consent in the decision of the Supreme Court.
– Cases since Montgomery, the trend and the role of expert witnesses in this new era.



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