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Well, not quite, but as close to it as you have ever been. Our attendees at Dissect and Inject often comments that it feels like they have been gifted with super natural powers as they get the full impact of our learning. For most of them, they have never before had the opportunity to actually see what happens or where the needle injects fillers and Botox.

Make the world a better place
In a way, we both try to do the same thing. You want to make women feel better about themselves, and our mission at London Medical Education Academy is to make outcomes of surgery better for patients by providing a safe and effective hands on training environment.

Speaking at AM north
The aesthetic world isn’t new to me (I spent 3 years with ALLERGAN) but I am always acutely aware of how different the beauty world to what I normally do. That being said, the reasons why people attend our courses are the same:
• It is a safe environment to learn from other,
• to ensure the patients get the best possible outcome,
• And to minimise preventable adverse events.

Often we see attendees at our FACT courses who have never been in a dissection lab before, and who may have very limited experience with deeper dissections. They usually find it extremely rewarding, and often name several procedures that they do slightly differently after the course, based on their visual experience; they have seen the layers, and that knowledge changes their behaviour.

New procedures
It is very common that people come to us to learn a new procedure; something they haven’t offered to their clients before. We think that is excellent; reducing the risk of suboptimal outcomes for your patients (not a great advertising campaign!) and really understanding the anatomy you are attempting to modify in a training environment is most beneficial.

Which procedures do you think should never be attempted on clients before practiced in a dissection lab?

o Anything around the eyes
o Lower face
o Deeper injections for volumising
o All of the above
o Other (what?)

If you have any questions about what it is like to be in a dissection lab, you can read about previous attendees experience here, or come find me at AM north — we can chat over a coffee and I can tell you all about it.

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