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2019 UROGYN course dates

We are delighted to continue our masterclasses in Urogynaecology; planning started in 2013 and we have run at least two a year since our inception.

Partners and Faculty

We have been collaborating both with ICS and other associations, and are grateful for the input of Medical Directors Alex Digesu and Wael Agur, as well as Faculty like Natalia Price, Fiona Reid, Sherif Mourad, Ervin Kojancic, Maya Basu, Dudley Robinson and several others.

What we cover

Our courses are set up so attendees either work on their own station (thus ensuring hands-on experience for all procedures from start to finish) or on shared stations (at a reduced course fee). Procedures are discussed in theory and explained by Faculty, before being performed by attendees in the lab, under close supervision and guidance of Faculty.

We achieve the following during the two days:

  1. Open Colpo
  2. Standard Burch
  3. Variations (Tanagho and Obturator shelf)
  4. Autologous slings (Aldridge’s and Sling on a string)
  5. Lap Colpo
  6. Paravaginal repair
  7. Lap SCP

Dates in 2019

March 7-8 (Manchester) and June 27-28 (Glasgow)

For feedback from previous attendees, click here and for the view of UroNews Editor in Chief Jay Khastgir, click here.

As this is typed, there are only 4 places left at 1:3 ratio, and 4 places at 1:2. Alternatively, we can accommodate 2 more attendees on 1:1 stations.

Have a look at the course page, and book straight on the website.


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