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Course Faculty

Faculty are an integral part of the training given by the London Medical Education Academy. Their knowledge is fundamental in the experience for the attendee in their hands on learning. The combined faculty team offer 100+ years of expertise and advice to attendees. Attendees are looking to either learn a new technique or want to acquire new tips/tricks for a procedure they’ve been carrying out for years.

  • Emergency Trauma

    [popup_trigger id=”1332″ tag=”Fitzgerald”]Mark Fitzgerald[/popup_trigger] [popup_trigger id=”1271″ tag=”joseph mathew”]Joseph Mathew[/popup_trigger] [popup_trigger id=”1273″ tag=”mike noonan”]Mike Noonan[/popup_trigger] [popup_trigger id=”1267″ tag=”fran okeeffe”]Fran O’Keeffe[/popup_trigger]
    [popup_trigger id=”1275″ tag=”chris groombridge”]Chris Groombridge[/popup_trigger] [popup_trigger id=”1277″ tag=”amit maini”]Amit Maini[/popup_trigger]
  • Laparoscopic Urogynaecology

    Wael Agur
    [popup_trigger id=”637″ tag=”wael agur”]Wael Agur[/popup_trigger] Fiona Reid [popup_trigger id=”1190″ tag=”Maya Basu”]Maya Basu[/popup_trigger] David Iles
  • Native Tissue Continence

    Wael Agur
    [popup_trigger id=”637″ tag=”Wael Agur”]Wael Agur[/popup_trigger] Fiona Reid Maya Basu David Iles
  • Facial Anatomy: Dissect & Inject

    Ali Juma
    [popup_trigger id=”828″ tag=”Ali Juma”]Ali Juma[/popup_trigger]
  • Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis

    Walter Bini PP Menchetti
    [popup_trigger id=”673″ tag=”Walter Bini”]Walter Bini[/popup_trigger] [popup_trigger id=”682″ tag=”Paolo Menchetti”]Paolo Menchetti[/popup_trigger] [popup_trigger id=”678″ tag=”Anthony Hammond”]Anthony Hammond[/popup_trigger]
  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

    Domenico Veneziano
    [popup_trigger id=”708″ tag=”Domenico Veneziano”]Domenico Veneziano[/popup_trigger]
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