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Anatomy Pre-read & Step by Step guide now available to download

Previously only available to those who attend our courses, we have now made the Step-by-Step Guide to Autolous Fascia Repairs and Pelvic Anatomy Pre-read available to everyone who wants to learn, but may not have the chance to attend a cadaver lab.

From the Step-by-Step guide:
Step 5. Dissecting the retropubic space:
Similar to that of colposuspension but no need to dissect too lateral. Dissect only the back of symphysis pubis until the balloon is felt and only about 2 cm lateral.

Step 6. Graft preparation:
Place the sling in saline on the scrub nurse’s table: make sure it does not twist around. The graft should be kept hydrated in saline and cleaned from excess fat. Suture in a length of Prolene 0 on each edge with 3 good passes use a round needle so it doesn’t will not cut through to avoid slippage when implanted. Clamp the free ends with small clips. Place a further stitch in the centre with 4/0 Vicryl to mark the midline. The length of strings needs to be equal to ensure the graft is well-centralised under the urethra when implanted.

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