Should the UK adopt an opt-out organ donation programme?

In December 2015 Wales became the first country in the UK to introduce the opt-out system for organ donation. In a bid to help saves lives, this system presumes that people are happy for their organs to be donated after death.

The rest of the UK are now under pressure to introduce the system and LMEDAC are in full support of it. Figures from the Welsh government show that an incredible 32 life-saving organs were transplanted from donors under the new scheme over a six month period between 2015 and 2016. With more than 6,5000 people currently waiting on the UK organ transplant list, it is understandable that this new system is viewed as necessary.

The stats from a survey by the British Medical Association tell us that 65% of people across the UK support the scheme. The survey asked 2,011 people about their views on the subject and found that although 66% of them want to donate their organs at death only 39% had signed up to the organ donation register. An opt-out system would solve this issue.

LMEDAC believe that no patient should bare the consequences of a doctor’s learning curve and we work to improve patient outcomes by providing surgical training using cadavers. Donating your body after death is as invaluable as organ donation, and will help save lives.

If you would like to look at further information about organ donation please visit and if you would like to help save lives by donating your body to science, please visit

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