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We recently received a brilliant piece of feedback from Consultant Urological Surgeon, Charlotte Foley. Charlotte attended one of our Urogynaecology courses and wanted to pass on a positive message about LMEDAC. If you have found yourself wondering whether to book with us or not, then have a read of her views below:

“I am really glad to have recently attended London Medical Education Academy’s Urogynaecology Course. It was a great opportunity to be able to revise the path that various trocars take through the female pelvis during minimally invasive procedures. The trocar positions can be reviewed from all angles, which would never be possible while performing the procedures on patients. The hands-on training has given me a lot more confidence about driving trocars blind through the pelvis and a refresher on the relevant anatomy.

“It was also great to be among highly skilled and experienced instructors and fellow delegates, which promoted lively and interesting discussions in the classroom. I have taken some invaluable knowledge away from this two-day course and I think other surgeons could benefit from a well-balanced course covering all aspects of Vaginal & Laparoscopic Urogynaecological Procedures and In-depth Anatomy.”

We love receiving feedback of any kind, so if you want to share your thoughts with us please get in contact. If you would like to improve your skills and confidence in laparoscopic procedures then please visit our courses section to see if we have a date and location that suits you.

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