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New Zealand Ban Mesh

New Zealand Ban Mesh from Early January 2018

Following the recent decision by New Zealand to ban the use of mesh for all urinary incontinence and prolapse surgery, surgeons are now looking for an alternative solution for their patients. New Zealand’s watchdog, Medsafe, said the mesh will be removed from supply by early January following safety concerns with the devices associated with these procedures.

LMEDAC believe in training surgeons on all available incontinence and prolapse procedures. They provide several courses in order that surgeons, using fresh-frozen cadavers, can practice these procedures in a safe environment. In an ideal world LMEDAC would like to see fresh-frozen cadaveric training being undertaken before a surgeon is operating on live patients.

In particular LMEDAC’s Native Continence Surgery course focuses on procedures that can resolve incontinence procedures without the use of mesh. It covers:

– An open colposuspension procedure, which looks at the standard Burch technique, whilst also covering the variations such as Tanagho & obturator shelf

– An autologuous sling procedure, looking again at the standard technique as well as variations, for example Aldridge’s technique and the sling on a string.

LMEDAC’s next Native Continence Surgery course takes place on 18th May in Glasgow. To find out more information please visit the course page.

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