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LMEDAC announced as Educational Training Board for WAMS


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London Medical Education Academy collaborates with the World Academy of Medical Sciences to become their Educational Training Board, with the common goal to improve health care for future generations worldwide

Once again there is another exciting milestone to champion for London Medical Education Academy (LMEDAC). Even though the company is still in its relative infancy, it has grown from strength to strength and this collaboration is no exception.

Recently LMEDAC began conversations with the World Academy of Medical Sciences (WAMS) to build a potential collaboration.  WAMS is the only ‘official world institution of medical sciences of its kind’.  This academy aims to standardise medical science globally and is dedicated to promoting and advancing the standards of medical science for the betterment of human health globally.

LMEDAC’s Head of Operations Liz Thornber explains “this is a fantastic partnership opportunity for LMEDAC and falls in line with their mission of providing affordable cadaver training for healthcare professionals. Through this partnership the gaps in medical training can be raised and solved on a much larger scale, which will in turn provide better care for future generations.”

The invitation to be WAM’s Educational Training Board, is a testament to LMEDAC’s success and growing reputation in itself.  Under the operation of Liz Thornber, LMEDAC has expanded its course portfolio to an impressive 19 courses for 2018.  It is already an award winning company in its own right earning accolades such as winner of the Bill Bendayshe Brown Award in 2017.

LMEDAC was founded by Buckinghamshire Business First Growth Champion and Entrepreneur of the Year, Managing Director – Angela Spang.  Serial entrepreneur Angela suggests that “while our aim is a very personal learning experience for each surgeon, our focus is worldwide and on a global scale. Teaming up with WAMS to deliver hands-on surgical training to their international network, is a challenge we are welcoming with open arms.”

Angela advocates that with LMEDAC this is “how we will change the world for millions of patients and reduce the number of unnecessary surgical injuries and deaths”.  With that being said, one can understand why becoming the Educational Training Board for WAMS is a logical progression for the company.

The first course under the Educational Training Board umbrella is the ‘Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis’ course taking place at Keele University on 9th June. Further information can be found here:


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