Different methods of cadaver preservation

At London Medical Education Academy, our courses are taught using fresh frozen cadavers.

But fresh frozen is just one method of preservation. We recently put out a poll on Twitter to ask our followers what their preferred method is when training. The options were:

  • Fresh frozen
    Advantages include flexibility of tissues, the realistic feel and minimal changes to tissue.
  • Thiele
    Advantages include preservation on colour, flexible joints and tissues.
  • Silicon models
    These are as the name suggests, not real human tissue but do provide a realistic representation of the human anatomy.
  • Simulation
    This term means to imitate a human dissection on another specimen such as a pig or frog and can also include simulating the experience with computer aided technology.

The poll results showed fresh frozen as a clear winner, so we’re pleased to continue using this method, as long as the most efficient experience is being provided!

Interested in where we source our cadavers from? Look out for a future blog post detailing the wonderful gift that is donating your body to science.

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