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CCA of CD (Cost, convenience & Availability of Cadaveric Dissection) training

Cadaver dissection (CD) is considered an extremely useful tool for studying the structural details of the human body.

There has been some debate lately whether VR and simulation will be a better form of study, but the main reason for this seems to be concerns about cost and availability of cadaveric materials. In addition, consensus among doctors is clear: simulation is not yet on level with (fresh frozen) human cadaveric dissection.
Medical schools have continued to include CD in anatomy teaching in the traditional or modified form. Medical schools that stopped or decreased CD have learnt from their experiences and have restarted it in modified forms by integrating it vertically with medical training. In addition, CD activities have increased in postgraduate anatomy courses such as ours, in surgery training, and voluntary/optional CD programs.

It is indeed costly to attend a human CD training course, but when considering what we are actually doing, the cost for the quality of learning is very low. In addition, here are some interesting course cost comparisons from other course providers (neither of which includes the value of a human body):

1 Day Financial Accounting Refresher for Management Accountants 2 £599+VAT
1 Day FD Development – achieving the CEO mind-set £999+VAT
1 Day Performance Measurement and Governance in Procurement £490+VAT
1 Day Hands on CD to learn a new surgical procedure £700+VAT

Feedback from our attendees (med students to professors) is outstanding, and we are proud of our awards and accolades.

Doctors are busy people, and we have all had the nuisance of getting stuck on a train or waiting for a flight that seems to never take off. Travel is stressful at the best of times, and when trying to fit in a training day into our demanding schedule, the last thing we want to do is travel for hours before we even get started. We completely get that, and that is the reason we sometimes use other labs than our own, spread out across the UK. For our international attendees our new main lab close to Heathrow will be well placed to receive delegates from across the world, and we look forward to continuing to greet surgeons from all continents.

With a uniquely designed donor program and the UKs largest storage for human cadaveric tissue, we will have the best possible option to always be able to complete courses, something that is not always possible in smaller labs with less storage facilities. Our approach removes the need to import cadavers, something that is regularly done today. Both our ethical standards as well as our environmental pledge encourage as little transport as possible for donors.

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