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Ashwini Balachandran is a Urogynaecology Sub-specialist Registrar. She won best abstract and presentation at the British Society of Urogynaecologist Annual Meeting which means she’ll be joining LMEDAC on a sponsored place for the laparoscopy masterclass in November. We had a quick chat with Ashwini to discuss her win.

“As a urogynaecology sub-specialist registrar, I’m involved in all aspects of care of our urogynaecology patients. Research plays a significant role in this. I partake in original research and portfolio studies. With a busy day job, research often takes place on my own time.”

Ashwini’s winning abstract was entitled ‘Cystodistension as a treatment for Overactive bladder – Results of an RCT’. She told us, “The objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of cystodistension when compared to cystoscopy alone in the treatment for OAB. We found that cystodistension was not an effective treatment option. But that diagnostic cystoscopy may be valuable in patients with refractory OAB to rule out sinister pathology as our cohort had a 2.6% prevalence of incidental bladder carcinoma.”

With regards to our course in November, she is looking forward to, “mastering the techniques in a safe, cadaveric environment” as she hasn’t attended a masterclass in the last two years.

One of the many things that LMEDAC want to do is to ensure that surgeons are training regularly and receiving the necessary practice prior to the operating room. With the influx of new medical devices we believe that more training should be offered, and Ashwini agrees. “I believe in an ideal world, that all training should begin with models and cadaveric training. However, this currently cannot be achieved in most cases.”

Whilst she is correct that it cannot currently be achieved for all, LMEDAC are making big steps to change this. Get in touch if you want to learn more about safer surgery and cadaveric training with LMEDAC.



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