Awards season: LMEDAC are winners!

Liz and Angela with awardWe are excited to announce that we have won the Bill Bendyshe-Brown Award for SME Business Excellence 2017. The award celebrates achievements of excellence among small and medium sized enterprises in the Buckinghamshire area. We were chosen by the Bucks Business First judges, and are honoured to receive this award.The ceremony took place on Friday June 30th and was attended by various businesses from across the county.

Why do LMEDAC deserve the award?

We provide unbiased and independent training to healthcare professionals. Traditionally, surgeons would train at medical school, know their specific procedures and practice those for their entire careers. But due to continual advancements in technology and medical devices, surgeons are now required to constantly progress and to do so, they are completing their training on live patients. We offer a safe alternative in an environment where surgeons can practice procedures until confident enough to operate on a patient.

We use donated cadaveric material to provide surgeons with realistic haptic feedback, without putting a single patient at risk. The cadavers are generously donated to medical training and the greatest respect is given to them.

Our managing director, Angela Spang said, “The Bill Bendyshe-Brown Award is important to us, it means our work is being recognised and attention is finally being drawn to the importance of continuous surgical training and the pertinence of reducing surgical errors.”

If you’re a surgeon and would like to join us in creating safer surgery for all, please get in touch or book your place on one of our masterclasses.

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