Across the Pond at Barclay Bank Global HQ

The view from the 30th floor

Last night I was honoured to be in the company of 16 other companies (for example Sisters Grimm, Jaguar, Barclays, Brompton Bicycles) who all share the common ground with London Medical Education Academy that we are selling our products or services to the United States of America. This was the launch of a publication aptly named “Across The Pond”, and we were all invited to the Barclay Bank global HQ in Canary Wharf in London. On the 30th floor there is a huge glass atrium with a view over the city, and watching the sun set across the River Thames was gorgeous. 

17 easels

Spread out across the rooms were 17 large easels, each with a huge picture of our page spread in the publication. Our page features an image from one of our courses, where one of our anatomy lecturers is showing delegates intricate details of the human body (obviously no human parts are included in the image – we respect the privacy of our donors and no imagery is used without consent.)

One US ambassador and one MP

I was delighted to be given the chance to chat with the US Ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Mr Robert Wood Johnson (who also happens to be the grandson of founders of healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson). He was very kind to share his time, and despite possibly having been his 10th event that day, he was engaging and curious, and asked lots of questions. We were also hearing from The Rt Hon Mr Greg Hands, MP, who was very complimentary of the companies in the room with regards to their current as well as future potential and growth. 

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London Medical Education Academy is very special

…and we stand out. We are not another toy, car, clothing or food brand, and when it comes to representing the company at events of this type, I am always acutely aware of how I need to communicate. I need to get the balance right so that people understand the huge needs for surgical training, and that the reason why this isn’t currently happening at a higher rate isn’t due to lack of wanting. Doctors and student are doing the best they can, with the resources they have been given. 

We are closing the gap 

Between the affordability and availability of cadaver training, and we want to be able to offer training so that attendees can complete their surgical learning curves for challenging procedures in the cadaver lab instead of in the OR. We will reduce patient injury, improve patient outcome, build surgical confidence and reduce litigation cost for our attendees, and the change is coming. The US market is acutely aware of this, and the UK is following. 

The more doctors we train, the less the cost will be for the individual. Our ethical, affordable and award-winning training is highly valued by everyone who attends, and we will continue to work hard to spread the word that we are ready now. 

Together, we will make hands-on training affordable, accessible and part of every surgeons ongoing practice, and being supported by organisations like British American Business and Department of International Trade makes a world of difference.

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