7 ways you benefit from cadaver training

Cadaver training hasn’t been around for very long, and for most people it is associated with the embalmed and leather looking specimen they have seen in med school. Our lab experience is far from that: it looks like a modern operating theatre, with the same draping and lights you would have in theatre.

The hands-on training we do in our courses are aimed to give you a day packed with learning, where you DO instead of watch.

7 benefits

1. There is no risk of injuring your patient while you learn a new technique
2. You can take as long as you want, and even start over
3. Learning curves in surgery are well established, and their impact on outcomes are well documented; speed up yours by training in the lab
4. It will cost you less than a day of most other courses (try an accounting or management course, and you will pay much more)
5. Continuing learning shows your patients that you care and are keen to further your knowledge
6. For rare procedures that you only do every other month, you can come in and do 7-10 in a day (depending on procedure)
7. CPD and documented learning is strong evidence of your comittment to patient care. This is important to your employer, your insurancve provider and to your patients and their families.

Taking a day or two per year to spend in the lab gives you a chance to work on your surgical skills. Any expert knows how important it is to continuously practice, and surgery is no different.
However, for those who don’t want to attend a course with other attendees and a trainer, we do Expert Skills Lab Days where surgeons can come and practice the procedure they want to work on. It may be a plastic surgeon working on a new skin closing technique, or a GS working on a new dissecting manual, a medical device research group writing an IFU or a dentist wanting to better understand the anatomy of the facial nerves.

Donors are smart and generous

Our donors made the choice to donate because they understand the need for surgical training, and they had the foresight and understanding that the care for those left behind will improve thanks to the donors generous gift.

Benefits for thousands of patients

For each surgeon trained, the outcome of thousands of patients is impacted in a positive way.

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