Our team is dedicated to providing professional training to consultants from around the world.

Angela Spang

         Angela Spang            Managing Director

Angela has spent many years in international leadership positions and in most of her roles, training and medical education has been a central part. Through Angela’s focus on clinical data, hands on training and innovative medical education she has created, deployed and executed medical education in different forms for health care professionals from over 30 countries all over the world for over 15 years.

Angela has worked in large organisations with a variety of educational resources and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She fondly remembers being trained by the world-renowned leader and innovator in urogynaecology Professor Ulf Ulmsten himself, and can often be heard quoting his statement “Treating patients is a privilege, and that privilege should only be given to those who deserve it”. She is passionately dedicated to helping doctors become better surgeons, while minimising risk and cost for patients and society.
Angela is well connected across the world and has a strong focus on surgical training to improving patient outcomes. She will usually be found intently studying a new device, a new procedure or a new area, keen to learn and curious to understand.

Liz Thornber

              Liz Thornber                Head of Operations

Liz has spent her career working in a number of different industries but always with a keen focus on her operational abilities. As Head of Operations for the London Medical Education Academy she is involved with the logistical requirements of the course, obtaining accreditation and recognition from recognised bodies and researching new areas in which medical professionals want to improve their skills.