Training Ambassadors

During 2017 London Medical Education Academy will establish Training Ambassadors in selected countries and regions – are you interested? 

The purpose is to provide in depth knowledge and information about our training to organisations and associations in their region, and to establish relationships on a more local base. The training ambassadors will be experienced in medical education, highly knowledgeable about their region, the relevant associations and organisations, skilled in trainings and hands on surgical education, and have a passion for continued medical education. He or she is well connected both in the academic world and across the globe.

Great responsibility
To be associated with LMEDAC is a great responsibility. We work with the highest standards of education, with a moral responsibility to the donors who generously provide their remains for doctors to be better surgeons.
Collaboration with World Wide experts
Our Training Ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend the courses, use attendee data and research to publish educational papers, write and publish white papers and articles based on the educational content from the courses, and will be given access to all educational materials used by the organisation and Faculty.

The honorarium for Training Ambassadors will be 5% of the fee for attendees signing up to our courses.

Request to be considered
Please contact us by email via to request to be considered as a Training Ambassador