Angela’s vision

Angela Spang has big goals for safer surgery

Angela Spang has high hopes for safer surgery

Angela Spang is LMEDAC’s Managing Director. Here, she explains what motivated her to start our surgical training organisation and what she would like to see in the future for LMEDAC.

“I started LMEDAC because I realised that no matter how good medical devices were, the biggest variable affecting patient outcome was the technical skills of the surgeons. A great device can kill, if used in the wrong way, and a mediocre product can produce great results if skilled hands are operating.

I read a story about a little girl, who died. She went to have surgery, and the doctor operating on her had never done the procedure before.
He had never done the procedure, before he operated on a little girl.
And I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“I am an improver. As a leader, one of my strengths has always been to find good people, and make them better. This drive is what’s pushing me to do this. I want to make good surgeons greater surgeons. One way to do this, is to provide surgical training using human donated cadaveric tissue, so that no little girl ever has to go into surgery with an insufficiently trained doctor.

My goal is to remove the ‘live patient learning curve’ or LPLC, from the way doctors are being trained. I want to take the top 20 surgeries, define their learning curves, and then provide extensive training for those procedures using cadaveric tissue, before surgeons operate on patients.

To reach this goal, amongst other things, we need to increase the number of donations made to medical teaching.

“My vision is a purpose-built venue where people can donate themselves to our cause. We’ll create a short film with each donor, where they can tell their life story, which will be passed onto their loved ones once the donor has passed away. It will be an everlasting memory of a true heroic person and a gesture of love to those left behind.

I envision our venue to have a large wall that will hold engraved plaques with the names of those who have donated themselves to help improve outcomes for others. Behind our building will be a ‘memory ground’ filled with trees and small white flowers on the ground, where those who have donated will be respectfully remembered and honoured for their outstanding generosity.”