About Us

London Medical Education Academy’s mission is to increase availability to cadaver hands on surgical and anatomy training for healthcare professionals, with the aim to increase surgical skills, reduce preventable injuries and change the current methodology of training doctors using live patients.

The Academys vision is that doctors will be full trained past the learning curve using simulation and cadaveric training before operating on patients.

Varied & Comprehensive Agenda

  • Hands on Cadaver workshop
  • Videos and animations
  • Silicon models
  • Anatomy lecture
  • Problem solving in theatre
  • Clinical data and available studies
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Lecture materials on a memory stick
  • Plenty of time in the lab with hands-on exercises
  • Expert faculty with current and up to date surgical skills


Meet the Team


Our History & Achievements

Anatomy training was excellent. It was a privilege to have such an enthusiastic clinical anatomist and a very professional and pleasant team.

Excellent, professional, friendly staff. Hotel and restaurants well selected. Anatomy (lecture and hands on) was the most valuable part for me.

Fantastic course run by an entertaining and skillful team.

G. Thiagamoorthy